Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

So it's the last post of the year! Our 2007 has been filled with lots of memorable moments. Here's a recap of the Outlaw's 2007:

Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing my Italy scrapbook. I am so glad it's done! It is 52 pages long and will help us remember what a great time we had in Italy. "These are memories frozen in time people!"

Funniest Moment: During the family reunion this summer in Utah my brother Tom and his family took us and my dad rafting down the Provo River. We sent my Dad off into the river in an inner tube with his white legs dangling vulnerably out over the top of the tube. His only defense against the rapids was an oar which he bravely wielded. Unfortunately, he was quickly defeated. Not 2 minutes into the ride there were some rapids that took you under a bridge. Angelo and I were in a small blow up raft and ended up ahead of my dad and got to see the whole show. My dad bounced around a bit as he maneuvered around the rocks and then BLAMO! He bounced against the bridge piling and immediately flipped backwards. The last thing we saw were his legs kicking in the air. After a few seconds we saw him emerge out of the water gasping for air with a shocked look on his face. We weren't sure if it was because the water was so cold or if he was surprised he had made it. During his brief underwater jaunt, we were able to catch the tube and oar and waited for him to make his way towards us. I swear we didn't laugh until we knew he was still alive but man, it was freakin' hilarious. Once I knew he made it I almost fell out of the boat because I was laughing so hard. He bravely got back into this little inner tube and the rest of the time he held on to a rope tied to our raft as we made our way to the bottom of the canyon. Every time we'd come to some rocks he would clench his jaw and brace himself. He did bang up his leg up pretty bad but I think he was just glad he didn't die that day on the river.Weirdest Moment: Being at Girls Camp and having a crazy mother come steal her kids out of a tent at 2am! It was truly one of those "is this really happening?" moments. It is kinda funny now that its over but I will never forget sitting in the tent with Kelly (the other leader) and being totally shocked at what had just occurred. After a while all we could do was laugh. I will always remember Kelly joking, "You're certified 1st year, you're certified 2nd year, and you - well you're just certifiable!" There's no one I would have rather had in the tent with me that night. I learned that it is really hard being the leader sometimes!

Saddest Moment: Losing our Mollycat. My cat that I've had for 22 years died in August. We miss her so much! She was one of my greatest friends. I got her when I was 6 and she came to live with us when we got married. Molly was the best cat. Thank goodness we were bless with Otto last year. I don't know what I would have done without another cat in the house.
Longest Road Trip: We took a trip to Lake Tahoe in our Mustang and had a great time. It took a long time to get up there (10 hours!) but it was such a nice relaxing trip once we got there. In Lake Tahoe I also found the best scrapbooking store ever!

Biggest Build Up for Nothing: My 10 year High School Reunion this summer. It was really weird. I don't know what I expected but after it was over it just seemed like a lot of build up for nothing. I already see all the people that I want to from that four year period of time so why did I go and pay tons of money to see people that I didn't like 10 years ago? It was kinda like how you think your prom is going to be like the prom in Pretty in Pink but then you go to yours and you're like, "so what?" I think I was expecting Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and instead I was like, "so what?" again. Although I didn't invent Post-its so maybe that would have made a difference.

Best Addition to Our Family: We got a new little kitten named Jasper. He has been so fun to have around. He is the sweetest cat and has become good friends with our other cat Otto. We are really lucky.
Scariest Moment: I'd have to say the scariest moment this year was the wild fires that hit San Diego in October. The fire didn't get to close to our home but it is always scary when all you can see is orange sky and everything is covered in ash. It is hard to just sit and wait watching the whole region burn up.Biggest Surprise: Getting the Camp Snoopy room at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel! We went up to the Ford Car Show in April and were surprised when we walked into our Snoopy filled eye sore of a room. It was suppose to be a nice romantic weekend but instead we got fire engine red carpet, Snoopy curtains and bedspread as well as a Snoopy cut out on the wall above the bed. We tried to switch rooms but it was sold out and we were stuck with Snoopy. The guy at the front desk actually tried to tell us that it was an upgrade! It wasn't a total bust. You get a free snoopy plush doll when you stay at Camp Snoopy!Biggest Cleanup Job: While my parents were on vacation my sister Laura decided it was time to clean out a few of the "over crowded" rooms in their house. See, as children left the home my parents continued to filled up the house with "stuff." So I helped Laura clear out two packed rooms. My parents were shocked but thrilled. You can now actually walk through the rooms! It's a miracle! In order to determine what to keep or get rid of we'd ask each other, "Hey, do you want this when their gone?" If the other answered no it would go in the trash or off to charity. (My mom has gotten lots of mileage out of that story, haven't you mom?)
Favorite Hobby: Blogging! It has been so fun blogging about life and reading all about yours. We hope that 2008 is great and we can't wait to see what the year holds for us!

Tagged - 7 Random Facts about Me

1. I read the directions/instructions for everything. (This includes everything from shampoo bottles to clock radios.) I like to know exactly how something is suppose to work and what to expect. That doesn't mean that I always follow the directions. I am pretty adaptable but I don't really enjoy the unexpected. I try to plan for all possible scenarios. I also read movie spoilers for movies I know I am not going to see or that I am unsure about just so I know what happened.

2. I do not enjoy hot or mashed up fruit. That doesn't mean I won't eat it but I generally don't pick it out. This includes jelly, pies, jams, and Hawaiian pizza. I do not like the texture of mushy stuff. I like my fruit like I like abs - firm.3. I do not watch movies with animals as the main characters. I really love animals and I hate seeing them in distress and/or killed. It just really bothers me. (This all began with Turner and Hooch.)4. Both of my thumbs are double jointed and it has always been my go to for the "what is something special about you?" ice breaker at parties/gatherings.

5. I hate the telephone. I hate the sound of the phone ringing. I think this comes from my many years of being a receptionist and having people yelling at me over the phone. 6. I use a ton of napkins. By the end of a meal my napkin has been used to its potential and I have usually moved on to Angelo's napkin. He never uses his napkin and always stays very clean.
7. I never, ever blow my nose. I'm a wiper. I can not remember the last time I blew my nose. I just think it's gross. I also stifle my sneezes. One of these days either my brain is going to explode or my eyeballs are going to shoot out of my head.

I tag YOU! Post 7 random facts about you on your blog!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Achy Breaky Heart!

Look what I missed out on last week! I took a few days off last week for the holidays and look who my co-workers got to meet! Billy Ray Cyrus!
I am mad! Billy Ray is filming a movie here in San Diego and the one day I'm out they go visit the set! (By the way that's Intern in the picture too!)

Christmas Gems

We had a very merry Christmas! Sunday we had dinner and opened presents with my parents, my brother Jim and his family, as well as with my sister Karyn. Here are some of the priceless pictures from that family gathering...

This is one of my favorite pictures! My dad had pinched his finger on a present and it was luckily caught on film. I love that my mom is oblivious! It's just a classic picture.
Here's Jim and his family looking rather normal...Here's Mom and Dad next to their Juniper Christmas tree. (This tree is artificial and one of the lamest trees I've ever seen. It's super tall and skinny and I made fun of my parents all night for buying such a lame tree. It has giant gaps between the branches! It looks better in the pictures than in real life though.)
My Dad with his favorite child...
Another favorite photo... Jim getting whacked in the head by his son with a giant pencil!
Joni - the victim of the whipped cream fight!For Christmas Eve we invited my parents and Karyn over for dinner. My mom pulled out one of her Mom-isms at dinner when she said that I was "skiing on thin water." What? That's right. We ended up playing a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition where I falsely accused my Dad of hating Wayne Newton! (You had to be there.) At one point, I also confidently yelled the answer, "Miss Chloe!" on a video question when the real answer was "Miss Cleo." The boys team stole that point from us - dang it. This picture wins for ugliest of the season. How is it that we both blinked at the same time? Karyn and I look like sleep walkers or zombies. We've come to eat your brain!

That's better...
On Christmas we slept in and then opened our presents. Here's Angelo's new sweatshirt! If you don't know what it means you're lucky. That means you are not a nerd.The cats loved Christmas! We went to Angelo's parent's house for Christmas dinner and wow was that an experience. They lack what you call a "sense of humor" so it was not very fun. We had gotten Angelo's dad this flying monkey that screams when you fling it across the room and when I launched it across the room the only noise that could be heard was the sound of the screaming monkey. There was no laughter. It was one of those extremely awkward moments. Who doesn't think a flying monkey is funny???? After our fun-filled present opening fiasco we had dinner. At one point when me and Angelo were the only one's left at the dinner table I leaned over and asked him if he knew where any pencils were. He replied, "Why, you want to jam one in your eye?" I said, "Yep, that wouldn't be as painful as this visit." Notice there are no pictures posted from the evening. That's because no one takes pictures at the Outlaw's house. If you whip out a camera they look at you like you have horns growing out of your head. Apparently, there is no reason to take pictures of the family gatherings - it's not like it's Christmas or anything!!! I did have one moment of joy though. I went to the bathroom just to silently scream and wave my arms in the air and let out some aggression. Then I saw that the toilet paper roll was loaded the "wrong" way. So I turned it the "right" way and that made me smile. (My mother-in-law prefers it the "wrong" way and she will notice that is has been changed.) So the visit wasn't a total bust. Merry Christmas!

Yippee! A Zeppelin!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are the movies! I got to watch Christmas Vacation (which is hilarious) , Home Alone (I've only seem that one about a million times), and of course the classic A Christmas Story which has to be one of the most quotable movies of all time. ("Fra-gil-ee - Oh! It must be Italian!,", "You'll shoot your eye out!," and, "I can't put my arms down!") I love TBS for playing that movie 24 hours on Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007


I have a confession. Ok, it's not really a confession because most people reading this already know this, it's more like an admission. I snore. It's a genetic issue. Most everyone in my family snores. It isn't cute snoring either. It's like buzz saw, wake up the neighbors snoring. Some nights are better than others but it's pretty much a consistent thing. So most of the time I wear those breathe right nose strips which according to Angelo seems to help. I have another admission - I am a bad, bad person. Angelo and I had a smallish fight earlier this week and he went to bed. I was pretty mad and as I was getting ready for bed I defiantly decided to not wear one of my nose strips. Ha ha! I would not breathe right tonight! He was going to pay! So the next morning he gets up and he goes, "Did you wear a breathe right last night? I could hardly sleep." I replied, "No, sorry, I forgot to," and then smiled to myself. (Lie! Lie! I am a mean, mean person.) So I am sorry husband for being so mean. Maybe by confessing here I can be forgiven. It was kinda funny though. (See! I am bad!)

I jinxed myself! (And everyone else for that matter.)

So with all the Christmas sweater mocking I've been doing I knew that it had to come back and bite me. On Monday I received a large bag of Christmas gifts from my boss. One of the gifts was a large shirt box. I opened it up and guess what I found inside? A bundle of Christmas joy that's what! (Notice the socks I have on too. Also a gift from Cathy! They have snowmen and snowflakes on them!)Let me back up a little here. Since the Christmas party I had talked to my boss and had encouraged her to get Christmas sweaters for some of the people at work who had not gotten them before - namely our new receptionist. I didn't need to convince her because she told me that she had already purchased some sweaters this year for some people on staff. I figured this would be great entertainment and that I would, of course, be exempt considering I had already received a Christmas sweater a few years ago. I thought of it like a rite of passage and if I had to endure it everyone should. So I was very surprised when I opened my gift and found yet ANOTHER Christmas sweater! What do you think of my new expression of Christmas?? So on Tuesday Carrie our receptionist got her bag of goodies from Cathy. I had shown her my sweater on Monday and told her about my OTHER sweater. So around lunch time Carrie comes into my office with the funniest look on her face. It was the "I am not amused" look. I noticed the look before I actually noticed what she was wearing...a bona fide Christmas sweater! I just starting laughing uncontrollably. First let me describe what Carrie looks like - she has black hair with pink streaks and a nose ring. If I am a 10 on the "not a Christmas sweater person" scale, Carrie is a 20. So there she was with this "thing" all zipped up. It had penguins on it too but there were also sequins and a little penguin zipper pull on the front. It was a priceless moment. So I am eagerly awaiting my return to work next week to find out what kind of sweaters everyone else received. I believe that Christmas 2007 will be know throughout company lore as the year of the Christmas sweaters.

Caroling with the youth!

On Tuesday we had our last youth activity of the year! Every year we go caroling to members of the ward and I always look forward to this activity! It really makes it feel like Christmas. We usually split into groups but we didn't have a huge turn out so we all went together. There were about 12 youth and 7 leaders. I was thoroughly entertained. We couldn't find the first house on our route but it was hilarious seeing all these people milling around this caul-de-sac in Santa hats trying to find the right house number. We had to abandon that house - the number we had just didn't exist. The next house we went to was a friend of mine and as we were walking up to her apartment she drove up in her car - yelling "I knew it!" as she spotted us. We gave her a few minutes to get inside her house before we "surprised" her with our caroling. Thank goodness she was first because man we were not sounding too good. We needed a warm up! Our first selection went something like this...

"DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY... FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY... FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... DON WE NOW OUR gay apparel? (Christmas sweaters anyone?)... FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... TROLL the miffer mmmmm... (trailing off into mumbles) ...FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

We attempted some more songs and after apologizing to Kelly for our music (she got a good laugh) we headed off to our next destination. After that debacle we decided to stick to the same three songs - Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. By the end of the night they sounded like angels. It was so good. Everyone we visited was home too which was so nice. After our caroling we went back to our house for some hot chocolate. We had such a fun night and I never cease to entertained by these crazy kids. They are so funny and we are so lucky to be able to hang out with them.

Caroling Pictures

More about Christmas sweaters

We had our office Christmas party last week which consists of my coworkers (including Intern - yay!) and I sitting around our boardroom table eating Chinese food and talking about all kinds of weird stuff. We also do a secret Santa gift exchange which is always entertaining. The topics of conversation this year for some reason turned to Christmas sweaters and fruitcakes. I told everyone about how I knew to hold the elevator the other day because I could hear my boss Cathy coming down the hall with her jangling Christmas sweater. It came out that Cathy actually owns over 40 Christmas sweaters. (And you thought I was joking!) I didn't think there were that many but she says that she has at least one for every day of December. She keeps them in a sweater locker under her bed. Intern admitted that he had an awesome Christmas sweater too. He said he got his from his grandfather. I thought, "oh, that's nice, his sweet little grandpa gave him a sweater." Then he describe how the scenario went down. His grandfather was wearing this crazy Christmas sweater with snowflakes around the collar and everything. Intern had mentioned to his grandpa how cool he thought his sweater was. His grandpa then replied, "Are you kidding? I think this thing is ridiculous! You want it?" He immediately took it off and gave it to him! Intern said that he has gotten some good mileage out of the sweater. Apparently there are themed parties where you have to wear hideous sweaters. The worse the better. Why didn't we think of that when I was in college?

Tree Monster!

This is our Christmas tree! Notice that there are no ornaments left on the bottom portion of the tree... The first couple of days that the tree was up this is what we found every morning...
As the ornaments "fell" off the tree we began putting them higher and higher up on the tree. What could have caused such damage? Maybe it has something to do with this... Ahh! It's the Tree Monster!
Here it is caught in the act!
Our cats love Christmas! They can't understand why we have brought a tree inside the house and then afixed lots of bulbs and toys to it but they love it! Notice the lone survivor of the massacre...a kitty ornament. That one's allowed to stay where it is.

Your barn door is open.

Last week I got some new pants. I wore them on Monday for the first time and after a few hours at work I realized my fly was down. My first instinct was to blame the pants. Darn pants! The zipper must have fallen down. Upon inspection I found that wasn't really the case of course - it was more like operator error. Sometimes when I get new pants this happens to me. It's like the newness throws me off my routine. You know- normally it's zip, button. Well I remember that morning I was futzing with my shirt too much and I had buttoned before I zipped which made me forget to zip at all. The moment of discovery occurred in the bathroom at work which is where one normally discovers this sort of thing. I looked down and saw that I had left the barn door open. Immediately I tried to remember all the people I had talked to and in what position I had been sitting or standing while in their presence. So there in my tiny bathroom stall, I reenacted all of the scenarios I could remember. After a few moments of experimentation, I concluded that I had not had anyone see that my tray table was not in the fully upright and locked position. (At least that's what I told myself.) What do you do when you see someone who needs to zipper their doodah? Do you tell them to XYZ (that's code for Xamine Your Zipper- remember that one from elementary school?) or do you let their pants continue to have a split personality?

Monday, December 10, 2007

I can tell it's Christmas...

because my boss Cathy is ringing. As soon as December arrives she busts out her Christmas sweaters. I have come to look forward to this part of my holiday season! The amazing thing is the shear number of Christmas sweaters she has - it must be in the triple digits. I have learned that an important feature for a true Christmas sweater is that it must have bells attached to it. Today's sweater had bells instead of buttons lining the front of the sweater. (I find myself disappointed whenever her crazy sweater doesn't have a bell. It somehow feels not quite as festive.) Another bonus to the bells - you can tell when she's coming because all you hear is a "ching, ching, ching, ching." You can hear her coming from a mile away. I halfway expected a Christmas carol when she walked down the hallway this afternoon. It is also amazing how many of her Christmas sweaters incorporate cats. (My boss loves cats and has 8 at home. Real ones.) Cathy also likes to pass her love of Christmas sweaters on to others. My first Christmas present from Cathy guessed it...a Christmas sweater! It was hilarious. My friend and co-worker Kimberly, along with Cathy, watched me open it and it was one of those moments in your life where time suddenly goes into slow motion. You are unwrapping this beautiful box and as you gaze upon your new possession you can feel your eyeballs bugging out of your head a little. I pulled the sweater out of the box and began holding it up to my chest, hands quivering. All the while internal me is shouting, "Oooooooooh mmmmmy goooosssssssshhh! Please don't let your face show the horror that is in your heart at this moment." All the while Kimberly is about to rupture a hernia from laughing so hard. Cathy explained that she thought everyone needed a Christmas sweater and I nodded in agreement - eyes still slightly bugged out and unable to blink. Later Kimberly explained to me that on her first Christmas at the Film Commission Cathy had given her a Christmas sweater too but she had exchanged it immediately. I kinda like my sweater. I pack it with my Christmas stuff each year and every year when I'm pulling out the decorations I find a bag with something soft inside. I think,"What the heck is this?" and then when I open the bag a smile creeps across my face. The gift has actually come in handy. For instance, the Halloween when I dressed up as Cathy I immediately knew what my main accessory was going to be. And my favorite part of my sweater? The tiny bells.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

All is well...almost.

The bathroom at work has returned to 2-ply toilet paper! Yippee! I knew my wasteful ways would pay off in time. The only problem is that they are now installing them the WRONG way. You know what I mean...

Instead of the RIGHT way...
They are installing the toilet paper rolls the WRONG way...
Is this some kind of conspiracy? How hard is it to load toilet paper the correct way? They loaded all the stalls this way! (I checked all of them out to see if this was just happenstance or a mean trick. Before the 1-ply debacle they were loading them the correct way - what has changed?) No one should have to fish around for the end of the toilet paper roll. It should just be waiting nicely on top of the roll for you to grab it. You shouldn't have to spin it vigorously to find the end. Are any of your guilty of loading your toilet paper the WRONG way??? If you are I will track you down and make it RIGHT! Some offenses just shouldn't be tolerated.

Happy Birthday Joe and Elizabeth!

Today my niece Elizabeth and my nephew Joe turn 12!! That's a big one! These kids are so fun to hang out with. Elizabeth is super creative and can make anything out of anything. This summer when they were down here visiting us she brought this dragon that she had made completely out of pipecleaners and other stuff she found around her house. She doesn't like barbies or dolls very much but prefers dragons! Here's a picture of her from a few summers ago. We went fishing and she was really good at it!
Joe is super smart. He is really fun to just sit and talk to because you can actually have an adult conversation with this kid. He knows about everything! He's hilarious. He is an aspiring pilot. Here he is with Angelo on the fishing trip.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rise and Shout the Cougars are out...

On Saturday we got to go to the BYU vs SDSU football game at Qualcomm. My brother Tom and his family came all the way from Utah to see the game! We had a lot of fun! I'm not really a "sports" person but it was fun to watch my alma mater whip Angelo's alma mater's butt. What cracks me up about this game is there are always way more BYU fans (because of all the Mormons) than there are SDSU fans. The blue side had three times more people than the red side! It's never good when the visiting team has more fans than the home team. Poor SDSU! Notice the scoreboard...
Tom and Michelle...
Yeah football!
Look how into it we all are.
Sherise and Tommy...
Angelo and Whitney...Random note about the evening: I figured out that I still have the BYU fight song embedded into my brain! How scary is that? I can't believe that's still kicking around in my head. I can't remember why I walked into the kitchen sometimes but I can sing my college fight song...go figure. Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra, ra-ra-ra-ra-ra... goooooooo COUGARS!!!