Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Clown Man

My boss and I went to go pick up some cookies from a hotel today. (No this was not business related. She likes the cookies from the Doubletree Hotel so we went and bought a bunch.) We parked and as we were walking across the street Cathy stops dead in her tracks and goes, "OOOhh, be careful! Don't go over there, there's a crazy clown man over there!" As I looked across the street I saw a slight variation of this...

On any other week it might be scary to see a man dressed in a nurse costume with clown makeup and a red wig but this week is Comic-Con in San Diego so these jokers are a dime a dozen. I said, "Cathy, it's Comic-con remember? He's just dressed up like the Joker from The Dark Knight." Cathy responded, "Oh well, it's not every day you see a crazy clown man waiting for the bus."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura!

My sister Laura had a birthday earlier this month! We hope it was great. She is exactly 10 years older than me so I can always remember how old she is! It was so cool having older siblings. They could take me places and they were also really fun to embarrass. One time when Laura was getting ready for a formal dance she and my mom were trying to get her ready and she was having a problem with her dress and her bra. I remember sitting there watching them deal with this. When her date arrived everyone was taking pictures I blurted out in front of everyone - "Laura, are you wearing a bra???" I don't remember much after that,just her stunned face. She was pretty pissed. For some reason I have lots of pee stories associated with Laura - I don't know why. Once when I was about 6 I did something to her and she threaten to "tickle me until I peed!" I just laughed in her face and so she grabbed me, threw me on the floor, and sure enough, she made good on her word. All that was left on the family room floor was a little "W" wear my butt had been. She was very satisfied. I got her back though. Another time I was sitting on her lap and we were watching TV. I distinctly remember having to go pee but I was really comfortable. So I decided to just let it go... Once the warm moisture hit her, the next thing I remember is flying through the air! Laura has always been so much fun and I have lots of fun memories with her. Happy Birthday! We love you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We put the FUN in dysFUNctional

We recently had a hotel call us to try and help them with an event they are putting on. They were running into trouble with some permits. My boss had gotten the initial call for help and was describing the issues with the rest of us. She goes, "They are having an event on their rooftop pool deck and they are having a band play...he said something about a blowfish and a hootie?" The rest of us immediately burst out laughing and one of my co-workers goes, "Cathy, that's the band's name: Hootie and the Blowfish!"


A few weeks ago the poor Kansas City BBQ burned down. What? You don't know what the Kansas City BBQ is? Well it was the bar featured in the movie "Top Gun" where Goose plays the piano and sings Great Balls of Fire. (I know , it's ironic.) The owner had acquired lots of memorabilia from the director when they shot the movie here almost 25 years ago. Their most prized piece of memorabilia was Tom Cruise's maverick fighter pilot helmet which they displayed in a big plexiglass box. Man, did we covet that piece! We found out the restaurant was burning when the local Fox News called to interview my boss about it. I went home and watched the news that night to see what they used of Cathy's interview. In the footage of the burned out building there was a pile of rubble which included a blackened helmet with burnt plastic melted around it. As Angelo and I watched the news story I yelled, "See! If we had had the maverick helmet it would still be safe!" Angelo looked and me and said, "Didn't you guys almost burn down your office last week with macaroni and cheese?" What else could I do but shut up?