Monday, November 24, 2008


At one of our recent staff meetings one of my co-workers was sharing his list of projects that he was working on. My boss often takes notes about what is filming so that she can cause all kinds of trouble with her newsletter. One of the projects being discussed was about an Alzheimer's documentary. My boss was furiously taking notes about the last project and wasn't really paying attention to the current conversation. She finished writing and looked up and said, "What was that one about?" I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Oh Cathy, you're one in a million.

Twilight Party

We organized a viewing party with our young women's group for the debut of the Twlight movie. We had dinner and then went to the Edwards Movie Theater. (Get it??? Ha ha.) Lucy made goodie bags for our outing with pictures from the movie on candy bars. It was awesome. Here's some pics.
We all liked the movie. It has its share of cheese but there also some good parts. My favorite part of the night was coming back for ice cream and hearing the teenager's reviews of the movie. They are so entertaining. Being obsessed is fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Losers

While everyone else was watching the pundits discuss the new president of the United States, Angelo and I were at Target buying the just released Twilight movie soundtrack. We got the last copy available at the Target in Lemon Grove. Boo-ya! Take that tweeners! Angelo has been really into the Twlight playlists and the soundtrack is pretty good. So now that this election day nonsense has ended we can focus on more important the fact that the Twilight movie opens in 16 days! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone that we are so obsessed. That would be embarassing.

A dent, some bags and a twitch

That is all that is left from my October. I feel like I have been MIA for a whole month! I've had two major proposals due at work within a week of each other and they account for our funding for the next 18 months... so no pressure. It's been killing me. I turned in the second 30 plus page proposal on Friday. Get ready for a whine-o-rama.

This is my dent. Apparently, I furrow my brow when I'm frustrated, stressed, concentrating, thinking something is stupid, looking at the computer too long, or waiting for the printer to spit out my pages. So that means I've been furrowing a lot this last month. Well now I have this big old dent in between my eyes. Here's a picture. (Please ignore my very unkept brows. It's been a long month.)
What the freak! I have a giant wrinkle in my face now!

The bags I referred to earlier are the two dark ones that now reside under my eyes. No amount of cover up has been able to fully conceal them. Last weekend all I could do was sleep. I crashed on the couch at 7:30pm on Halloween. I am lame.

The second report's deadline was moved up by about 3 days so that was really fun. Last Thursday afternoon as I was in the final stages of printing and compiling the second report I developed a twitch in my left eye! That one made me laugh though. It was like a badge of honor which I announced proudly to all of my co-workers. "Hey look! This report has given me a twitch in my eye!" You've got to be about ready to flip out in order for a twitch to appear and I was ready to crack up by then. They were all very nice to me that day.

So I got everything turned in last week and now this week we have to present to the funding board. On Monday we began outlining our oral report and developing a Powerpoint presentation. That's when the freak out finally happened. I don't know what crazy juice my boss was drinking that day but she came into my office and asked that I work with the intern (that's right the Guerilla) to develop the Powerpoint. I guess last week she'd asked him to work on the Powerpoint so that we could maybe integrate some of his ideas. I had seen a copy of the presentation that he had slapped together and it was a joke. One of the graphics on one of the slides looked like three ping pong balls in a toilet. I'm not trying to be mean but our funding is not really the time to be utilizing our vigilante intern. I couldn't keep it together and that's when the yelling began. I told her that I would absolutely not work with the intern and some other stuff. Oopsies. We worked it out later in the day but wow, I had hit my wall. (By the way, I won because the intern is nowhere near this project anymore. He's back concentrating full time on the demise of our enemies.) I will be really glad when this week is over. Next week we have our big industry networking party that we put on every year so that isn't going to be any prettier. So basically I will be glad when Thanksgiving is here. That is bad considering it's only the 4th. Sorry for the whine fest but I can't afford therapy, I don't eat my troubles away anymore and I don't have many more people that I can yell at.

Some good news is that I have maintained by good eating and exercising habits despite all of this and my total weight lost is now at 33 pounds. Wohoo!