Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's just been on the back burner for a few months. I think I'm back though.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm back. I have three blogs that I had worked on in the last few months so check them out. I will be updating more often - I promise!

Monday, February 9, 2009


That's how many pounds I have lost! It has taken me nine months but its been worth it.

Here's my obligatory puffy pants pictures:
Holy junk in the trunk!Here is a list of some of the differences losing 45 pounds has made:
-I now only have one chin. It turns out having more than one isn't helpful at all.
-I don't snore anymore.
-I have dropped 4 pant sizes.
-You know those muscles that exist just above your knee? I had forgotten all about those until a few months ago when mine started showing up again.
-I can walk up a flight of stairs an not get winded.
-I no longer weight more than my husband.
-Before I was getting headaches at least twice a I maybe get one a month!
-My waist went from 41 inches to 31. That's 10 inches people!
-Shopping is fun again!
-No two points on my back touch anymore.

The funny thing is that I never started out with this weight loss thing for any other reason than I was feeling like crap. Yay for feeling like crap! I am now slimmer at 30 than I was for the majority of my 20s. Looking back that's kind of lame. Hopefully I'll do better with this decade.

The cool thing is that I did not go on a diet, I just learned to eat better and exercise. I exercise at least three times a week. The only things I really don't eat very often anymore are french fries and mayonnaise and I never thought I would say that! I also don't drink anything other than water usually. I haven't had a soda in 9 months! It's been interesting transitioning into regular life after being very careful with what I was eating. I haven't been using my SparkPeople site since before Thanksgiving. The weight came off slower than when I was using it but I even got through the holidays losing weight. This is puffy Katie from Christmas of 2007:And this is a much healthier, happier, and less puffy version: