Friday, April 30, 2010

Recent Work Highlights

1. One of my co-workers yelled this, not to me but in a meeting we were having... "Feelings! I don't care about your feelings! Put your feelings in a bag and mail them to your momma because I don't care about your feelings!" It was kind of a "There's no crying in baseball!" moment. Awesomeness right?

2. My boss was meeting with a person from Austria about starting a film commission there. Right before she went to meet the person I told her to be sure to greet them with a "G'day Mate!" She thought about that for a second and then gave me a dirty look.

3. My boss agreed to meet with a troop of 7 year old cub scouts for an hour and tell them about our business. After that was over she said, "Well, that was a stupid idea."